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Welkom bij ons gastenboek dat enkele jaren gesloten is geweest (vanwege spammers), dus de meeste commentaren zijn behoorlijk gedateerd. Maar nu kun je weer een berichtje achterlaten.
Wel keuren we tegenwoordig een bijdrage voordat die daadwerkelijk geplaats wordt, daarover krijg je dan van ons bericht.
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Naam: Lena L?rklit
Datum: 7.11.04 om 21:54
Plaats: Djursholm (Stockholm)
Hej, Very nice website about Scandinavia, nice to see that some people are interested in this place of the world ;-) Greetz Lena
Naam: Jerelis
Datum: 4.11.04 om 16:25
Plaats: Hoogeveen
Great homepage! Travel on! Jerelis
Naam: megan
Datum: 2.11.04 om 20:03
Plaats: Settle
thank you for helping me with my art project on Gaudi!
Naam: Ashley
Datum: 26.10.04 om 16:00
Plaats: Alexandria, South Dakota
Thanks for helping me find where i wanted to go...
Naam: Marsha
Datum: 26.10.04 om 15:58
Plaats: Montrose, South Dakota
Thanks for helping with my school project on Venice, Italy. This website helped me a lot, thanks....
Naam: Lena Nilsson
Datum: 4.10.04 om 14:32
Plaats: North Zweden
Hallo! I visited Your page about Zweden, it?s always nice to see that there is an interest for Zweden. Best regards, Lena
Naam: Derren Harvey
Datum: 29.9.04 om 15:08
Plaats: London
Your website is great,,, had great fun looking at places i have been, and places i would love to go, was very helpful in giving an idea of what to expect in new countrys,,,Thanks
Naam: Andrew Thomson
Datum: 23.9.04 om 22:17
Plaats: Edinburgh
We liked your site. Our website must be of use to your website visitors as it is the most comprehensive guide to camping and campsites in Scotland.
Naam: Michael
Datum: 15.9.04 om 12:41
Plaats: Barcelona
Nice site.. pretty usefull
Naam: Rodjer
Datum: 5.9.04 om 00:34
Plaats: NL
Very good website you have here, and I am glad to put my step in to your guestbook. I send you and your visitors my best greetings.
Naam: Irina Hynes
Datum: 30.8.04 om 22:50
Plaats: Arizona
Thanks, I enjoyed reading about your travels.
Naam: Annoynamus
Datum: 24.8.04 om 21:01
Plaats: Glasgow
I was recently in Kos and it was brilliant!!!!! I meant a friend from Norway there and she is sooooo cool! Thanks to your site I know the time difference and can talk to her on MSN Messenger! Thanks sooooooo much!
Naam: Ian Henderson
Datum: 23.8.04 om 04:18
Plaats: Portree, Isle of Skye
Quick visit and a look at the castles. You should have called in for a cup of coffee! We hope to visit Sweden and Norway one day when we can afford to buy a nice mobile home.
Naam: lace ferrera
Datum: 16.8.04 om 03:26
Plaats: moreno valley
this website gave me good information about the backround of my home country, Portugal. now i could know something about my ethnicity. :-) thanks
Naam: Nicky
Datum: 9.8.04 om 09:34
Plaats: Melbourne
i am doing a project on Spain and this has given me so much info!! i would give it 9 1/2 out of 10!!!!!!
Naam: Vera & Rolf
Datum: 8.8.04 om 17:49
Plaats: Hannover
Hello Teije & Elisabeth, your have great and fantastic travelsite!!! Many happy and good weather to Barcelona for Your Vera & Rolf
Naam: chantal
Datum: 28.7.04 om 10:38
Plaats: kingaroy
good site, helped me out heaps thanks
Naam: Richard
Datum: 21.7.04 om 17:30
Plaats: Edinburgh
I came across your website and was pleased that you came to Scotland. Richard
Naam: Shelagh Walker
Datum: 10.7.04 om 11:53
I found found your website very interesting. I am going to Barcelona shortly and look forward to all the sights you have described.
Naam: Helena
Datum: 7.7.04 om 12:06
Plaats: Sundsvall
Hi there. I really like your website. Have a nice summer. Bye from Hella
Naam: Gina
Datum: 6.7.04 om 16:36
Plaats: Chicago, IL
The photos are beautiful! I took a mini vacation in my mind while looking at the Italy photographs. Molto Grazie!
Naam: Malonna
Datum: 29.6.04 om 21:17
Plaats: Londen
nice site.
Naam: Patrick
Datum: 15.6.04 om 00:26
Great website, with PLENTY of info and pictures. Must thank you for establishing such an interesting internet shrine.
Naam: Dr. Bob M. Clarke
Datum: 8.6.04 om 21:19
Plaats: Dundas, Ontario
Loved your Pictures. Do you have any pics of the interiors? I would Love to see the hidden stair-cases and rooms. Cheers !!!
Naam: Amy
Datum: 30.5.04 om 06:18
Plaats: New York
Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your website, especially the pictures of your trip to Ireland. I saw many of the same sights you did, and looking at your pictures brought back some wonderful memories.

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