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Naam: sue clayton
Datum: 27.2.03 om 11:23
Plaats: sittingbourne
what a wonderful resource I have found for my class of 6-7 year olds. The pictures are wonderful. At the moment we are looking at Where in the world is Barnaby Bear? In March he will be visiting Scotland. I twould be wonderful if you could send the chilren an e-mail telling them what Scotland is like, the weather and what type of clothes you need to wear. Keep up the travels!!
Naam: Helena
Datum: 24.1.03 om 17:22
Plaats: Sundsvall
I really like your homepage. So I have a question. Is it okey if a have a link to your page?! Hella
Naam: Andrew Stevens
Datum: 20.1.03 om 19:14
Plaats: Joliet
Thank you for all of your pictures, you helped me very much with my science project.
Naam: Henriette Pedersen
Datum: 5.1.03 om 23:25
Plaats: vancouver
Thanks for a great and very informative web-site! My (Canadian) husband and I are considering a move to my native country (Denmark). I have printed all your info on Denmark for my husband. Great stuff! Thanks again & Happy New Year!
Naam: nabiel
Datum: 2.1.03 om 16:31
Plaats: al Khobar
Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year of Peace and Happiness.
Naam: Lloydene Weiks
Datum: 29.12.02 om 04:28
Plaats: Randle, WA 98377
Thank you so very much for sharing your photos. I am of Irish an Scotish decent. I have long been interested in my heritage. God Bless!
Naam: Saba
Datum: 27.11.02 om 18:10
Thanks a lot for visiting my website and inviting me to yours. I enjoyed my stay here very much - great travel pages!!! Best wishes from Switzerland - saba
Naam: Ewa
Datum: 24.11.02 om 23:05
Plaats: Sundsvall
Hallo Elisabeth! I really have enjoyed my visit to your interesting webbsite! Thank you!
Naam: Bernd
Datum: 31.10.02 om 19:41
Plaats: Hamburg
Love your site, especially the Scotland information, of course. Thank you so much and continue the great work! Bernd
Naam: Craig Weldon
Datum: 31.10.02 om 16:27
Plaats: Glasgow
What a superb website. I especially enjoyed your photos of Arctic Norway - I want to go there myself now. How you done any trips outside Europe?
Naam: SirJohn
Datum: 31.10.02 om 01:15
What wonderful people you seem to be! I really have enjoyed my visit to your interesting home on the internet. The two of you look like a fantatic couple and I wish the two of you the best in all that life has to offer. Your daughters are lovely as well... I wish them the very best also. Thank you for your kind words in my guestbook, you are always welcome to come visit again! Take care. -SirJohn
Naam: Steffen
Datum: 28.10.02 om 16:30
Plaats: HOT/Sachsen
Hello Elisabeth! Due to the application for my Award I have had a look at your HP. She is a good home page in the great and wholes. CUl8er Steffen
Naam: Alice PANDORA
Datum: 25.10.02 om 04:13
Plaats: Sao Paulo
Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to sign my guestbook with your kind words, I do appreciate your comments. You have a great site, well done and keep up the good work.
Naam: Bent Bay
Datum: 23.10.02 om 20:28
Plaats: Viborg
Hello from Denmark. Fantastic! I, as a Dane, have learned more about Denmark, from your wonderful pages, than I have learned by living her for 63 years. I was born in 1939. I have been on internet for over 10 years, have my own homepage, but never seen a page like yours. Your page is "bookmarked", and will be seen again. Love from Denmark. Bent Bay
Naam: Kenneth Clark
Datum: 14.10.02 om 02:12
Plaats: Brunswick
This is a great website. I enjoyed my visit here very much. I got here from the address you left in my guest book. Thank you for the visit and thanks for sharing your travels with us all.
Naam: Coyote Jo
Datum: 6.10.02 om 06:33
Plaats: Alberta
Very nice website. I enjoyed the tour. Thank you for sharing.
Naam: angela
Datum: 3.10.02 om 03:33
This is a fun website. I enjoyed my stay here very much. I got here from the changing links website. Very cool indeed. Please visit my site and sign the book :)
Naam: Robert
Datum: 1.10.02 om 20:42
Plaats: Vienna
Hallo Elisabeth! Hier bin ich. Wie versprochen. Du wei?t schon, ich habe dein Deutsch bewundert :-) Gru? Robert
Naam: Kieran Williams
Datum: 21.9.02 om 21:42
Plaats: Bowral N.S.W.
Greetings from Australia. I am planning a trip to Scotland & the Beauly area and found your site most interesting and helpful. Thank you Kieran Williams
Naam: Mel
Datum: 14.9.02 om 11:17
Plaats: Vale Of Clwyd
You have a most beautifull site here, your adventures sound very interesting. Best wishes from Wales.
Naam: ex-Berliner Uschi
Datum: 10.9.02 om 15:03
Plaats: Florida
1000-Dank fuer viele schoene Schotland Bilder. Ich freue mich schon auf die Bilder von meinem Berlin + hoffe Ihr habt viel Spass
Naam: MGB
Datum: 8.9.02 om 15:07
Plaats: Neustadt - Weinstrasse
Hello - where ever you live on Gods beautiful earth I must recognize envyless that you have a beautiful site. I am over seven years in the Internet and have already many sites seen coming and more seen going. I saw your site and I find exact that she is marvelously co-ordinated both in the layout and in the Design. Also navigation leaves nothing to be desired. I congratulate you with your succesful site. With best greetings from far Germany: Their devoted german knight: Manfred (aka MGB)
Naam: Bob
Datum: 7.9.02 om 03:50
Plaats: State of Michigan
You have a very nice site. Thanks very much for taking the effort to share your experiences. I always find such sites helpful to me in deciding upon destinations. Bob
Naam: Karen
Datum: 30.7.02 om 07:09
Plaats: Queensland
Great website! will have to have a good look through your Portugal photos again! Thanks!
Naam: John
Datum: 16.7.02 om 10:55
Plaats: Sheffield
This is a very good site, the photographs are exceptional quality, I especially liked the Norwegian views.

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