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Naam: Yadu Lamichhane
Datum: 26.4.04 om 10:38
Plaats: Kathmandu
Very Informative web-site for trevellers. If you wish to travel Nepal please write to me. Yadu
Naam: James hall
Datum: 5.4.04 om 18:47
Plaats: US
Hi, I enjoyed the trip to Scotland as I am part Scottish. and I want to congradulate you on a very nice looking website
Naam: Eric Schaad
Datum: 28.3.04 om 01:34
Plaats: Seattle, Washington
I enjoyed your sites on your 2002 trip to Scandinavia, especially the pictures of Norway.
Naam: Abtan Stephane
Datum: 25.3.04 om 21:19
Plaats: Marrakesh
Dear travelers, Dear Elisabeth & Teije I am running this magnificent Villa hotel in the Marrakech Palmeraie and would like information about how to figure in your site. I would also like to be more represented in the Netherlands, do you have any suggestions Thanks
Naam: Kristi
Datum: 11.3.04 om 21:36
Plaats: Unionville Center, Oh
Hello. I hope you have fun on your trip to Scotland. Your website is the best place to look at beautiful castles. I am really glad I found it. Thanks so much. Bye
Naam: Luke Gruber
Datum: 10.3.04 om 18:05
Plaats: Arnold, MD
Wonderful site! I personally enjoyed your Scotland list of Castles. This summer I am going to Ireland and South Africa and hope I have as good a time as you do with all your trips! God bless.
Naam: The visitor
Datum: 26.2.04 om 01:10
I am disappointed about your one sided infos about Cyprus. There is a turkish side , too. No mentioning of annihilation and massacres of minority turkish side. Turkish side was barbarically butchered many times in Cyprus. International community just watched . No body helped them , only Turkey. Today Greek cypriot and Turkish cypriots are negotiating the plan of the unification of the island. We wish the best for the both parts.
Naam: Peter
Datum: 3.2.04 om 16:01
Plaats: Whitstable
Thank you for your website. I used your Cyprus photos to help me label all ours in our album, aftre forgetting them all. I hope you have lots more wonderful holidays. Try Romania; we have been there a really enjoyed it. Bon Voyage!
Naam: Sal
Datum: 20.1.04 om 23:24
Plaats: San Diego, CA
I am lucky enough to have come across your website. Thank you for all the information on your site and for letting others enjoy your trips and stories with you. It is soothing to know that there are others who also believe the above all, humanity is important and that we all must think of ourselves as citizens of the world. Once again I thank you and I wish you two happiness.
Naam: Anita Rivas
Datum: 17.1.04 om 00:46
Plaats: San francisco,CA
I would like help on learning the History of Rivas-Vaciamadrid,Spain. Thank you! Anita
Naam: Vera&Rolf
Datum: 2.12.03 om 16:19
Plaats: Hannover
Hello Elisabeth&Teije, this is a fantastic travelhomepage with many informations!travelgreetings from Germany/Hannover Vera&Rolf
Naam: Sandra und Bernd
Datum: 27.11.03 om 15:30
Plaats: GI
Hallo Elisabeth, viele Gr??e aus Gie?en schicken Dir Sandra und Bernd. Wir besuchen gerade Deine Homepage um sie wegen unseres Awards zu bewerten. Wir melden uns wieder per eMail.
Naam: mina lkna
Datum: 21.10.03 om 21:47
Plaats: marrakech
there is a large popoulation of monkeys in Atlas forest near Azrou
Naam: Gunn White
Datum: 26.9.03 om 19:00
Plaats: Stavanger
You have created a very nice web-site! Congratulations!! Keep up the good work.
Naam: Rainerius
Datum: 11.6.03 om 13:56
Plaats: Trier
Hello, I found your beautiful and informativ website. I also have a homepage about the oldest town of germany. Greatings from old Germany Rainer
Naam: Tori Tragis
Datum: 6.6.03 om 06:11
Plaats: Fairbanks
Nice travel site, and thanks for all the tips!
Naam: EVI
Datum: 30.5.03 om 00:20
Plaats: M
Surfe gerade ein wenig im WEB und bin ?ber einen anderen Link auf Ihrer HP gelandet. Ihre Internetpr?senz gef?llt mir ganz gut.
Naam: Shannon Simble
Datum: 3.5.03 om 21:20
Plaats: Phoenix
I just wanted to tell you both I happened to stumble across your website while researching castles and was truly fascinated with your lifestyle and adventures!The pictures and discriptions makes a person feel as if they were almost there to,I bookmarked this site and wish you both many more happy and safe travels!god bless!
Naam: Stephanie White
Datum: 18.4.03 om 20:17
Plaats: Chamblee, GA
I just wanted to tell you that I love your website...all the pictures are terrific as are the description of the castles - especially loved the pictures from Madame "Trouso" wax museum! Keep it up! Bookmarked your page!
Naam: Anna
Datum: 8.4.03 om 19:14
Plaats: Helsinki
Excellent information on Finland!! Take care!
Naam: Henry
Datum: 5.4.03 om 22:17
Beautiful page! Love combines us in Norway. Fabulous pictures. Many greetings from Germany henry + Annetta!
Naam: Mason & Joyce Murch
Datum: 29.3.03 om 17:46
Plaats: Wayne, Michigan
We were trapped in Norway 9/11/01. You have supplied the pictures we were too upset to take. Thank you for a wonderful Website and the beautiful pictures
Naam: Krueger / Steinberg
Datum: 25.3.03 om 15:47
Thank you for visiting! Your website will be evaluated soon - free of charge. We hope our suggestions will help you on. The team of IPITPRO
Naam: Stella Westfall
Datum: 20.3.03 om 05:33
Plaats: Denver, Colorado
I happened to stumble across your website while searching for a picture of a particular Scottish Castle. Your website is an inspiration to me - I really admire your appreciation and passion for travel. My husband and I are the same way, the opportunity to travel and experience different lands and cultures is an wonderful adventure we love to share. Scotland is one of our favorite places as well, and one we hope to visit again in the near future. I wish you both the best of luck, and many more wonderful adventures together! All the best to you from Denver, Colorado, USA.
Naam: Tim
Datum: 11.3.03 om 15:14
I wonder if you know anybody at

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