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Zilveren awards (17x)

Dit zijn de awards die we gekregen hebben. Kijk hiernaast voor een overzicht van de overige awards.

In het begin vroegen we awardsites om onze site te inspecteren waardoor we verbeteringen konden aanbrengen, maar daar zijn we vanaf 2003 mee gestopt. Toch krijgen we soms nog ongevraagd een award. Aangezien er wat erg veel zijn voor 1 pagina hebben we ze opgedeeld in diverse kategorieën.
En let wel, op sommige bronzen awards die we hebben gekregen van 'high-quality' websites zijn we heel wat trotser dan op bepaalde gouden awards! In totaal hebben we er 135 gekregen.
8 januari, 2003

Congratulations on winning an EddNet Award!

We have reviewed your website and it gives us great pleasure to present you with the Silver Award. Your site contains a wealth of knowledge and it's put together in a very nicely designed site!

All the best!!


15 december, 2002

Congratulations, You won the following award(s) from
The Silver Award & The Family Safe Award

You have a wonderful site and you should be very proud of your achievement =)
1 december, 2002

Ik heb met veel plezier naar jullie website gekeken, het lijkt wel een kleine tourgids, technisch weinig op aan te merken, ik wilde je dan ook belonen met een award, ga vooral zo door.
Ik wens jullie een prettige dag.

27 november, 2002

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Elisabeth!
Deine Homepage hat unseren Scots-Award "Silber" gewonnen.
Silber = 49 - 59 Punkte

Inhalt: 8/10
Ladezeit: 7/10
Aufbau: 10/10
Funktionalität: 10/10
Werbung: 6/10
Schwerpunkt/Wissensvermittelung: 12/20
Gesamt: 53/70

25 november, 2002

Congratulations! You Have Won An Omniana Award!

We found your site particularly interesting for its content and its general appearance.
We enjoyed visiting your site, and we thank you for this good contribution to the Web. Believe me, not many win our award. For you to have done so shows great talent. We would like to congratulate you for all the hard work you have obviously put into your web site.
It takes someone with a certain level of skill to design a site such as yours, and you are to be given great credit. Your web site "Elisabeth & Teije's Travelwebsite" has won one of the Omniana Silver Excellence Award!

23 november, 2002

Congratulations! Your site has qualified for the WM8C's Ham Links Website award.

I very much enjoyed my visit to your site. Your site shows a lot of hard work and is a compliment to the WWW. Keep up the great work!

Score =93, Silver Award AS rated 3.0
10 november, 2002

You can be very proud of yourself, there are only a few websites that get silver. The site you have built is very good. Here is our scoring:

Grafics 8 out of 10
Navigation 8 out of 10
Design 7 out of 10
Content 10 out of 10
Originality 7 out of 10
Loading speed 8 out of 10
Total Points 48 out of 60

This is a very strong site. Must have taken you a very long time to update and add all the nice information. I am very impressed.
9 november, 2002

Dear Elisabeth & Teije,

I enjoyed my time looking through your creation. The theme, background, navigation, and
purpose are in good balance. I appreciate the many hours of hard work involved in presenting a wonderful information resource website like yours. It is a pleasure to present you with the AJCF Silver award. I wish you all the best.
30 oktober, 2002

We can not thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to share in your travels.

You have provided an abundance of valuable information which has been package in an attractive design and fast loading.

We would be honoured if you would accept our Weis-Awards Silver Award.
21 oktober, 2002

Silver awards must:
- Be at least 5 pages
- Use at least tables in the main design
- Content and/or images should become visible inless than 10 seconds
- Some original graphics and minimul use of generic images
- Not have one long scrolling page
- Have user controls if incorporating sound or other simliar actions
6 oktober, 2002

What an attractive and well designed site!
Please accept our silver award and note that we are of the status of Level 2.5 with Awards Sites.

Jenny Campbell
24 juli, 2002

The Rocky Ridge Ranch congratulates you and your Website on winning the Award of Excellence Silver Award!
You have a very nice site and have put a lot of hard work and effort into your site!
11 juli, 2002

I enjoyed your site immensely and am delighted to present you with the Silver Gemini Award.
I was very impressed by both the design and content of your site. Your site loads quickly and has an attractive and easy to navigate design. You have used frames to good effect. I also liked the simple stylish buttons. Your site is also well coded, right down to the descriptive alt tags.

Yet, it is the rich and informative content that is the heart of your site. No wonder your site is so popular - there is a real shortage of travel information from those with first hand experience like yourselves.

Letting visitors make jigsaw puzzles of some of your holiday photos is a great idea! Often, I find that the technology behind such features does not work well, which ruins the experience. But your puzzles loaded like a dream and were really fun to do.

I loved the way that even though your site is large, it is still very intimate. Your personalities shine through, setting your site apart from so many bland others. Little features like the countdown to your next trip, publishing your itinerary and the personal information you have included really make your site welcoming and cosy.

I also greatly appreciate the fact that you have made an English version of your site to facilitate visitors like myself who are not fortunate enough to speak Dutch. Thanks for going to all that trouble!
** eW@rd zilver ** 17 maart 2002

Bij deze gefeliciteerd met het winnen van een zilveren eW@rd voor jullie website.
Je score is bepaald door een puntentelling. De waardering loopt van één tot en met vijf.

4 laadtijd
3 uiterlijk
4 gebruiksgemak
4 originaliteit
4 banner/pop-up gebruik
Totaal: 19
17 maart 2002

Proficiat !

We vonden de lay-out en kleuren heel geslaagd, de site start snel op en er zijn geen dode linken!
dus hebben we besloten om je een ZILVEREN award te geven!
maart 2002

We hebben jullie website bekeken en hebben besloten om de zilveren award toe te kennen.

februari 2002

Wij hebben uw site geëvalueerd en kennen uw site trofee 2 toe:

miniem aantal gebroken links of gebroken afbeeldingen
geen spellingsfouten
goed gebruik van HTML
downloadtijd <=> inhoud
relevant gebruik van javascript, CSS, ...
minstens 75% cross browser

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